President’s Message


Who Are We?

We are devoted, determined, and perceptive researchers. We are family historians, keepers of the records. We are avid, relentless and optimistic to seek and find the missing links, the holes in our lineage. We, are genealogists! Welcome to our world! 

We plan, plot and strategize to find our hidden ancestors. We break down walls. We leave no stone (or tombstone) uncovered. We follow every path, no matter where it leads.

We are fun! Yes, sometimes we go astray and fall into rabbit holes. Nevertheless, we laugh and learn together – forge deeper into the depths of our ancestral lines.

We come from a myriad pool of backgrounds, ethnicities, and varying levels of genealogical research experiences. We are novices and yet we are well educated in our practice.

We are dynamic, like-minded and eternally addicted to this hobby that consumes our time. Did you realize that genealogy is a continuous quest of seek and find? Because when you finally do find an answer to a question, you now have at least two more questions that need answers. For example, “Who were your grandfather’s parents?” When you discover the answer, there are now two more people to find. Then four, then eight ancestors, and so it grows, as do the questions. Genealogy is an exponentially, never-ending puzzle, solving one puzzle piece at a time.

Part of our society’s mission is to foster interest in genealogical research. How many family stories do you have to share? How many stories are unknown to you? We all have stories. Join us and we will share our stories with you. We hope you will share your stories with us.

Our mission also extends to be of mutual and practical help to each other and others interested in genealogy. We have several programs and interest groups to further your knowledge and inspire to you to dig deeper.

This is who we are. Will you join us?

We welcome the opportunity to show you and share our world with you ~ the marvelous, incredulous, spectacular genealogical world. Welcome to North San Diego Genealogical Society!

Jeanette Shiel, CG®